Thursday, December 09, 2004

article - "on local sites, everyone is a journalist"

from the washington post. on local sites, everyone is a journalist

the reporter in this article might have chosen to mention dan gillmor's book "web the media" and the we the media blog.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Community Technology Assessment Guide

On the Road to a Gigabit Broadband: Are we there yet?
A Self-Assessment Guide for Communities

Here you will find resources and supplementary materials to aid in conducting a successful community assessment.

sister patsy harney in san francisco

sister patsy harney, in san francisco, is doing some inspiring work. she asked me for some help recently, and it sounds like her organization could sure use an intranet. a mailman email list would also simplify her life.

what's quite surprising are the new requirements for being a nun these days. not only do you have to have A+ certification, you're required to know java programming, server side cgi scripting, excel macro design, flash actionscript, css, php, rss, and Cisco certification.

that's just too much to expect of anyone. when you're called to serve, that doesn't mean you're called to serve files.